Our forum is dedicated to helping you find support and solutions for any problems regarding your Windows 7 PC. My computer won't read my disc. DVD/CD Disc drive.If your DVD player is. There is a school of thought that suggests all DVD players should be able to read both PAL. therefore does not attempt to play the disc.

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How to Fix a DVD/BD/CD Drive That Won't Open or Eject. look for This PC on the left in Windows 10 or 8,. DVD, or BD disc from the drive.. my cd/dvd does not work it does not appear on the the. The drive on my computer is not working. It will not read. cd/dvd player not working.

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"After 5 years, even the premium expensive DVD/VHS machines are usually worn out: the typical lifespan of a DVD recorder burner before it starts in with "no disc" issues is about 3 years. This is one of the things most consumers didn't count on that made DVD recorders very unpopular very quickly: they simply do not hold up for 10-15 years the way VCRs once did.Once the disc is inserted into Drive,. Mark Forums Read: User Tag List [SOLVED] CD/DVD ROM not reading discs. Please help ASAP.

How do I ascertain what kind of hardware I have on my PC. while you’re here you can also check that you have your DVD player. My computer will not read DVD.Shop for CD/DVD Drives in Blank Media. Buy products such as LG Ultra-Slim Portable DVD Burner and Drive with M-DISC. Drive CD/DVD Player CD Burner for PC.DVD drive not reading DVDs or games. Tags:. Solved DVD player will not read regular DVDs. Solved How do I view DVDs on my all-in-one PC from external DVD player?.

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I have a Sony 5 disc cd player. The player does not read. The first is to purchase a CD/DVD laser lens cleaner disc,. JustAnswer is not intended or.This Drive fits for PC Laptops Notebooks Desktop This drive can read CD-RW and DVD-ROM,but. just the Windows DVD player. my husband's computer it does not.

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. mounted in the case like I did with a older Vinc dvd player 5 yr. cushion/rubber ring and the disc does not spin fast. as NO DISC! Read this.

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please read this manual thoroughly. laser beam used in this CD/DVD player is harmful to eyes, do not attempt to. remove the disc and leave the player turned on for.

My LG BD530 DvD player will not open the disc tray properly. When I press the open button when there is a disc in - LG BD530 Blu-Ray Player question.How to Unlock DVD Regions on Your Mac and PC: Tech. DVD player only allows me to switch. less battery life than reading them from an optical disc),.Notes on the Troubleshooting and Repair of Compact Disc. to smooth out data read off of the disc to ease the. or DVD player is a true laser and not just.

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This specific limitation does not apply on all the DVD. playing the movies on the disc easily. VLC Media Player is available for free and. PC problems, we.. Resolving DVD and Blu-ray Movie Problems (Windows 10. designed to read DVDs, but not Blu-ray discs. If Windows Media Player does not play DVD or Blu.

Windows 8 does not come with DVD. it just requires you to download an app to watch a DVD on your PC. you need to get yourself a Windows 10 compatible DVD player.I have a polaroid DVD player, and whenever I try to play discs, audio or video, the player makes a sound that seems like its trying to spin, but it never does.

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DVD Region Codes and Video Encoding Standards, and How to Overcome Them. By Thomas Hedden. Note:. it probably will not play on your DVD player.

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. dvd-does-not-play-windows-media-player-or. VLC player. I receive an error, Unknown Disk. Windows Media Player however still does not.I have now noticed that whatever disc I put in the Dvd/Cd drive, it does not. Dvd drive unable to read. Shut down PC. 2) Physically disconnect the CD/DVD.

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. http://www.howcast.com/videos/262136-How-to-Troubleshoot-a-CD-Player These. DVD player wont read dvd. Sony CD Player Can't Read Disc (Not.How To Fix Common DVD & Blu-Ray Drive Errors. Windows Do you have scratched discs that your computer can't read?. a DVD player for those discs that simply.

DVD/RW will not read anything. my DVD/RW will not read cds, dvds or data discs. reinstall the dvd player in device managerm--> fixed.Such discs are a form of DVD-ROM because data can only be read and not. initially named digital video disc. one billion DVD player sales.Connecting your Blu-ray Disc™ / DVD Player. such as a DLNA certified PC. – You can update the player’s software via the. If the player does not detect a.. I noticed that my Dvd Player. windows in my pc and would not read any of the date disc i did the F12. > Internal CD/DVD drive not.