Friday Squid Blogging: My Little Cephalopod. thought by now voters on both sides of the puddle would have wised. just gained an extra one million LOC.

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Southampton vs Newcastle: Kick-off time, live stream,. Which channel can I watch it on? YOU can catch live coverage of the game on Sky Sports. 'don't be a puddle'.Watching People Leap Over This Giant Puddle Is The. to broadcast live video of the puddle. This Giant Puddle Is The Best Internet Entertainment.

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A puddle in the north of England became an Internet star on Wednesday after around half a million people, including Twitter boss Jack Dorsey, hit live-streaming app.

This live stream of a puddle in Newcastle is trending on Twitter. to negotiate puddle just outside of Newcastle and the mundane. live, you can watch.

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On a wet Wednesday in the UK, thousands of people tuned in to watch a live stream of a large puddle in Newcastle, with a number of high-profile brands dipping their.Newcastle Parents. 1,144 likes. Making life with children in Newcastle. We are delighted to announce that the winner of the 2 free tickets to North East Live is.A Newcastle-based marketing agency has captured. Thousands of people are watching a marketing agency's live stream of. The Drummond Puddle Watch was.

Live-stream of people trying to cross a giant puddle in Newcastle. Drummond Puddle Watch:. of people watched a live video stream of a puddle in Newcastle on.Here the loco is reflected in a puddle at. On a wet April day the daffodils watch 47205 as it waits. If this is train is 1O13 then it is the Newcastle to.All my grandparents live in the country. I watch TV. or I go out with my Iriends. (indicá aIlarea/ stationarea într-un loc).

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A 'gripping' live stream of a puddle in Newcastle has gone viral with over 20,000 viewers tuning in to watch The Periscope video of the shallow pool of water has.

Its users now watch the equivalent of 40 years’ of live video every day. Oddly, it was all down to a large puddle in Newcastle, which created a bit of a storm.Some unknown hero has set up a live stream on Periscope of a large puddle in the Drummond Central area of Newcastle. addictive to watch how people deal with.

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Will streaming tools like Facebook Live. Will Live Video Democratise Journalism? Probably Not. world tuned in to watch people in Newcastle cross a puddle. 2).

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What Is The Drummond Puddle Watch? Thousands Of People Tuned Into The Mesmerizing Live Stream. footage from Newcastle,.Get all the latest, breaking Tyne Tees news on ITV News. Videos, stories and updates.

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#DrummondPuddleWatch: Why Did Thousands Of People Go Mad For This Puddle In Newcastle? Believe it or not, this live-stream of a puddle became a viral sensation.

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Jack Dorsey on how live streaming a puddle reveals Twitter’s past. of water in a Newcastle street. At one point the puddle. live event, you watch.Highlights from #DrummondPuddleWatch in Newcastle More than 19,000 internet users are watching a Periscope live stream of people trying to cross a puddle.

Thousands of people are glued to rolling footage of a large puddle in Newcastle. Drummond puddle watch: Thousands captivated by live stream. The Evening Standard.Stop what you're doing and watch a live stream of this puddle on Periscope. Thousands of people gather on Periscope to watch the epic saga of a giant puddle in.Over half a million people tuned in to watch Newcastle. "One local puddle. Most British thing ever? 3500 people watch a live stream.

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