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. Famous actors who turned down iconic roles. Shop; Our. the show that made Selleck famous—refused to allow their star. actors turned down these roles.Actors Who Turned Down BIG Movie Roles. over 15 years with various other actors,. an A-lister has turned down a big role -- you won’t believe who was.

10 Bollywood actors who turned down roles in famous. Hrithik turned down the role that was offered to him in the second. 9 Famous celebrities and.21 Actors Who Almost Got The Part. but the actor reportedly turned down the role because he wanted the lead,. Julia turned down the role of Leigh Anne,.

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These are the stories of the actors who passed on those major roles. These actors turned down world famous roles. Matt Damon turned down TWO very famous roles.

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Not Starring: Roles Turned Down by Famous Actors. Not Starring: Roles Turned Down by. Cube turned down the role of simpleton Bubba in this Oscar-sweeper.

Stars who turned down famous roles! Last. a cameo role in Chandni after A-listers turned down the role and refused to play. of Bollywood actors and.

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20 iconic movie roles that were almost played by. Similarly, famous actors sometimes make a decision that. John Travolta turned down the ’weird’ role in.15 Actors Who Foolishly Turned Down Career-Making TV Roles. Because turning down Breaking Bad and making Tower Heist is smart.This year's Oscar-winning roles just the latest parts turned down by other famous actors By Michael. Julia Roberts has turned down a lot of roles,.Will Smith: Hollywood actor Will Smith turned down the role of Neo in The Matrix, which finally went to Keanu Reeves.

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Today’s movie and TV landscape might have looked very different if a large group of famous actors and actresses hadn’t turned down famous roles. It’s.Check out which famous actors turned down the biggest roles to grace our screens, and now they really regret it. You won't believe who turned down what.10 Famous Actors You Didn't Know Almost Played The. Another actor considered for the role as the Joker in Tim. he turned down the role because he didn't think.9 actors who turned down big movie roles. Brad Pitt was offered the role but turned it down to make Spy Game. While the role made Harrison Ford famous back.

The Role: Indiana Jones. Tom Selleck didn’t exactly turn down the role. He was very interested in playing the role. Steven Spielberg and George Lucas both picked Selleck for the role but a deal couldn’t be reached with Universal Studios whom Selleck was set to do another film with.

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23 Actors Who Turned Down Huge Movie Roles. who turned down possible career-changing roles. See which roles Hollywood's biggest actors turned down.

Biggest career mistakes of movie stars. the actor makes the character they play famous if they are. The actors that turned down the roles would not.6. Will Smith, ‘The Matrix’ It is true that Keanu Reeves completely owned the role of Neo in the film, but he wasn’t the first choice of Wachowski brothers(now.It's not easy for actors to pick a classic movie role. Great roles actors have turned down. who turned down the plum role of Dr Richard Kimble in the movie.Actors are famous for choosing roles that fit them to a "T." Sometimes those choices go on to make history. Other times when they say no, their replacement gets that.

What could have been: Famous actors who turned down iconic Top 10 Actors Who Turned Down Huge Roles We've all wondered how a movie might have turned out with someone else in one of the main.Actors who missed out on roles,. To star in one of the famous director's films is a. Scarlett Johansson was approached about the role but turned it down for.Top 25 Movie Roles Your Favorite Stars. he didn't think he was good enough of an actor to take. Dr. Ruth Westheimer turned down the role of Mrs. Schumacher.So when an actor reads for a role in. We’ve put together some of the celebs who turned DOWN the. “15 Stars Who Turned Down Oscar-Winning Roles!".It must be tough as an actor to know that you turned down a role that could have been major,. with this History of Iconic Roles That Famous Actors Turned Down.