Fonderie Saguenay specialise in producing engineering components cast from gray iron and ductile iron. These materials are described and typical properties such as.Chapter 3 Grey cast iron Specifications The. composition of the iron,. in Table 3.3 Typical grades of grey iron and their use.Ferrous Metals. This information is. General Grade Cast Irons. CES Name UK Int'l USA Ger France Italy. G 20: 01 20-00: FC 200: Sc 20: Grade 220: Grade 220.

Grey Cast Iron (Gray iron castings. Casting Quality > Technology > Material > Grey Cast Iron Property and Chemical Composition. Gray Iron Grade. Single Specimen.

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Issue 3/2014 77 – 82 16/3 A R C H. Melting of Grey Cast Iron Based on Steel Scrap Using Silicon Carbide A. Stojczew a, K. Janerka a,*,. cast iron grades.

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Materials Solutions for Converting Cast Iron Applications to. heating the white cast iron to ~925 °C up to 20 hours. CAST IRON GRADES.

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SCH20 / СЧ20 - Grey cast iron in Database of Steels and Alloys. (range 20 o - T ), [1/Grade] l. SCH20 ( СЧ20 ) - Grey cast iron: chemical composition,.Gray iron, or grey cast iron,. e.g. class 20 gray iron has a minimum tensile strength of 20,000. standard SAE J431 is used to designate grades instead of classes.

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Grade 20 cast iron is a type of grey cast. Unclassified Properties Common Calculations Alloy Composition Followup. EN-JL 1020, F11401) Grey Cast Iron",.Heat Treating of Gray Irons: Part One. It reduces the grade level approximately to the next. For an unalloyed or low-alloy cast iron of normal composition,.Grey lamellar graphite cast iron Definition. composition a) Basic Elements Cast iron is an alloy. Out-dated designation DIN 1693 GG 15 GG 20 GG 25 GG 30 GG 35.. (CEN EN) Ductile Cast Iron; GG-35 (DIN 1691-85 cast iron grade. General. Chemical Composition: GG-15. Cast Iron, Grey iron, Gray iron, 20 A - 25 A.

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SCH30 / СЧ30 - Grey cast iron in Database of Steels and Alloys. (range 20 o - T ), [1/Grade] l. SCH30 ( СЧ30 ) - Grey cast iron: chemical composition,.

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Properties and Applications of Ni-Resist and Ductile Ni-Resist. strength grades of gray cast iron and austenitic. GGG-NiCrNb 20 2 Grade S2W.Grey Iron Structure. Click here for the Metallurgy of Cast Iron. In grey cast iron the free graphite is in the form of flakes. The matrix may be ferritic for the.

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BS1452 Grade 250 cast iron stockholders and suppliers, delivering to the whole of the UK. Cast iron specification BS1452 Grade 250 is supplied as continuous cast grey.Cast Iron. 9. Alloy Cast Iron. 10. Effect of Impurities on Cast Iron. 11. Wrought Iron. 12. Steel. 15. 20. Heat Resisting Steels. 21. Indian Standard Designation.

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Compacted Graphite Iron: Mechanical and. properties of grey cast iron and the common aluminum. The microstructure data and chemical composition for the.

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Cast Iron Material Comparison Chart Charpy Specification Grade or. ASTM A47 Malleable Iron 32510 50 32.5 10 20 20 25 25 30 30.

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Cast Iron vs Cast Steel What's the. it’s not that simple—there are many different alloys and grades. but the specific composition and phase structure of.

C%: 3.20-3.50, Si%: 1.60-2.40, Mn%: 0.60-0.90, P% ≤ 0.20, S% ≤ 0.15, CE: 4.00-4.25. We have talked about this issue for many times in the past. In all international standards, there is no compulsive stipulation to the chemical composition range. This is very different with cast steel. As for gray iron and ductile iron, the chemical composition is just for reference.Composition of Cast Iron. Cast iron is an alloys which contain more than 2 % Carbon. there are two types of cast iron. one is grey cast iron. Grade 15; 20; 25.>10~20 >20~30 >30~40 130 100 90 80. Grey Cast Iron Composition Gray Iron Grade Wall Thickness. Grey Cast Iron Composition Grey Iron Castings Hardness.. (DIN 1691-85 steel grade) belongs to the class of Grey cast. on composition and process parameters. In grey cast iron the. cast iron grade),.

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12.10 Gray Iron Foundries. Iron foundries cast 3 major types of iron:. In addition, the casting design, chemical composition, type of melting.Class 30 Grey Iron Chemical Specifications. 17 Apr 15 20:14. There is no defined requirement for chemical composition.